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Creative Zen on OpenSuse 10.2/10.3 (ENGLISH)

Hi there!

Let’s see how to use Creative Zen on Linux and how to exchange mp3 files and different documents. Leggi il resto »


Creative Zen sotto openSUSE 10.2/10.3

Vediamo ora come poter utilizzare il nostro Creative Zen sotto linux e poter quindi scambiare file mp3 o documenti di vario genere. Leggi il resto »


Codec Audio/Video (10.3)

Let’s see how to install all the audio and video’s codecs for openSuse 10.3, usefull to reproduce multimedia files. It is not difficult at all since We are supposed to use the software management presents in yast: Leggi il resto »


Codec Audio/Video

Vediamo come installare i vari codec audio e video necessari per la riproduzione dei file multimediali. Valido per openSuse 10.3. Leggi il resto »



Hattrick Organizer on Linux (ENGLISH)

Do You like playing with the famous game called "Hattrick"? Do You use the "Hattrick organizer" utility to arrange the formation of your team through Windows? It means that You should know that You can use such an utility also on a Linux system.

I’ll try to show You how to do. Leggi il resto »


Bootsplash screen (10.2/10.3)

I wrote this guide to show You how It’s possible to modify and to change the bootsplash screen on openSuse.
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