I am not an athlete...in so far as the usual definition of what an athlete is goes.  But from the time I started to play golf, I developed an enthusiasm for it that closely resembles passion.  I want to be an exemplary player...and win championships.

Although there were some people who did not completely agree, I realized from the get-go, that golf required a certain degree of athleticism. I recognized the fact that I would be in a better position to become a really good golfer if I became stronger, more powerful, and more flexible. A stable core, and increased awareness and appreciation of my body and how it worked, as well as a better staying power would be appreciably helpful.  All these would contribute to my attaining a better golf swing.

For it seems to boil down to that... the GOLF SWING.  Everybody in the golf business is talking about it... and discussing all the contraptions and tricks one can utilize to improve it.

Fortunately, I found the right direction to accomplishing this – devoid of gimmickry.  If you want to improve on your golf, the way I did, just read on.