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Golf is a sport that requires knowledge of the technique as well as regular and constant practice. Aside from having the skills to properly swing a club, having a good grip is also as essential. Unfortunately, there are a lot of players out there who do not give proper attention to the proper way of gripping a club. Instead of learning and using the proper grip, they favour the one that feels more comfortable. As a consequence, they have become more prone to poor swings.

The main purpose of the grip is to let you hold onto the club. In fact, it is your sole connection to the golf club. Not gripping the club properly and firmly will result to it flying out of your hands during every single swing. The way you grip has an effect on the journey of the club from the backswing to the downswing. It also affects the flight of the ball. By learning to correctly handle the grip, you are also developing your control of the ball. Aside from the control, power can also come from a correct grip. The movement of your wrist contributes to the amount of power your swing will have. On the other hand, the fingers can dictate the length of the ball’s travel. The usual error golfers make is that they handle the grip with too much palm. When this happens, the shot becomes sliced and lacks power.

The following are the most common golf grips used by players:

Most grips have the characteristic of a light grip pressure. In this type of grip, both hands must work mutually to create a powerful strike. As mentioned, gripping the club tightly can cause weak and slice shots. In the light grip, the wrists are given more room for pivot, resulting in more power. This grip also allows you to increase the club’s rotation. To make things easier for you visually, just imagine that you are holding a baby bird in your hand. This mixture of lightness of grip so as not to harm the bird and the right amount of pressure so as not to drop it can be your greatest chance for those excellent drives.

One of the popular golf grips used by great players is the Vardon Overlap or the Overlapping Grip. It was Harry Vardon who made this grip famous during the 20th century. In this grip, the club is in the fingers. Most golf teachers want their students to make use of this grip. In the Vardon Overlap, the small finger on the railing hand is placed in between the index and the middle fingers of the lead hand. The lead hand’s thumb should be placed in the lifeline of the trailing hand.

Another popular grip is the Interlock. Most players on the LPGA Tour, including Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, make use of this grip. In this grip, the hands are locked together. Players with small hands, weak forearms and wrists usually use this kind of grip. To make use of this grip, let the little finger of the trailing hand interlock with the index finger of the lead hand.

There is also a grip called the Ten Finger grip or the Baseball grip. It is actually the least favourite grip of most golf teachers. Players with the usual join pains and weak hands prefer this kind of grip. To use this type of grip, position your fingers as if your club was a baseball bat. If your right hand is your lead hand, grab the club with both hands. The right hand should be below the left hand. Make sure your thumbs are wrapped around the shaft.



Improve your Game, Visit Simple Golf Swing.