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In golf, putting can be considered as an individual activity. There are various ways, techniques and methods in putting. In fact, even the best putters have varying strategies when it comes to their set up and form. Others position with open feet while others stand with closed feet. When it comes to the form of the arms, there are also varying positions. Some prefer having their arms bent while others want their arms straight. Because of this, even the putters out in the market vary. There is something for everyone. Manufacturers try to accommodate every kind of player.

Nevertheless, there are still a few putting tips you can rely on to ensure a successful game. One of the key essential qualities to have is control. Perfect putts require precise control. The list below tackles several putting tips to help you with your game.

Tip #1: Putting is an essential part of golfing because almost half of your score is dependent on it. The key here is to have the proper putting lessons. You may have been too busy focusing on your strokes, alignments, and appearance that you have disregarded taking quality lessons. Lessons are important. They cover a lot of things from the basics to the techniques. They tackle up the grips, postures, stance, alignments, and many more. At least with lessons, things are broken down and are taught step by step so you will not miss out on minor yet crucial details.

Tip #2: Another important factor you should not miss is the ball position. Make sure you always hit the back of the ball and not the center.

Tip #3: Grip is also important. There are different ways of gripping the putter. Just make sure you do not have a dominant hand because you want just the right combination. Relax your body for that smooth stroke. Try to grip the putter as if you were holding a baseball bat. Have your forefinger point down the shaft. Pull your right hand higher until it meets the other hand. Rest the left forefinger over the right fingers. Your shoulders should be square to the hips and feet. As a reminder, know that the length of the shaft is a crucial part of your game. It will help you perfect the journey of the ball from the putting line to the hole.

Tip #4: Let the putter relax in your hand. The way you control the putter head is important. Secure the grip in both hands, positioning them on the thumb pad.

Tip #5: Once your grip is fixed, you also have to give importance to your stance. Position your feet in such a way that they are comfortably separated. The distance actually depends on you. Put your weight towards your toes and not on your heels.

Tip #6: The upper half of your body should be in a horizontal position. Avoid standing too upright and stiff because it will only cause you to put all the weight on your heels. Look straight down to the ball using the center of your eye and not through its lower part.

Tip #7: Once all the stances and grips are corrected, it is time to hit the ball. Make sure that your movement is only with your arms and shoulders. Also, the motion should follow that of the pendulum of a clock; the arms should be the ones to move while the head and hips stay still. Your wrists should not break. Try to keep your strokes simple and effective. The lesser movement from other body parts, the better. Once you stroke, keep in mind that there should be a build up of acceleration. Movement going back must be slow and must accelerate while going through.


Improve your Game, Visit Simple Golf Swing.