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The popularly known backswing is a positional movement. Hitting the ball comes later. It includes an action that comes before hitting the ball. It is merely positioning of the club correctly at the so that it downswings along the intended line of the flight. It is just accurately placing the position of the club so that the ball goes along the intended path. What happens if the position of the club is not accurate? Actually you have to do some compensatory movement in order to hit the ball. This will spoil the accuracy and the perfectionism. So backswing is one of the most important aspects of hitting the ball accurately.

There are many things that are common in the backswing and the set-up and address positions. In setup position the body is so adjusted that the left arm swings freely. In the address position we adopt a square position in order to aim accurately. Now, we have seen that backswing is nothing else but just positioning the body and the club for hitting the ball accurately along the intended line of flight.

It is a precision movement. Along with all other precision movements it is performed at a medium speed and the force is virtually absent in backswing. Backswing is a passive phase of the swinging movement. If someone tries to associate force and power along with the swinging movement, then it will become almost impossible to get the club at the right position. Swing in this case will be wrecked.

There are some myths regarding the backswing, some say that the sole purpose of the golf backswing is nothing else but to create that force which is gravity dependent as well as manually inserted. They also say that that positioning may be somewhat compromised but the amount of the force which is the balls due should not be obliterated by mere concentrating upon the correct positioning of the club. This is all myth. The association between the shoulder and the club is not based on the power factor rather it is position dependent.

Just for taking example you may have seen a marksman, he positions himself correctly. And with a calm and proper position an archer throws his arrow. He can never aim correctly if he merely focuses on the force generated behind the arrow. He positions the bow in such a way that the arrow when released, no doubt has sufficient force, but it goes on to hit the intended target with a great precision. While positioning the club accurately during the backswing we are doing exactly the same thing. If the club is not aligned accurately, no matter how much force we generate, we will miss the target for sure. All the force will go in vain if the precision for aiming is not there.

Golf backswing is just positioning the club with precision so that it aims at the ball and the ball goes in the intended direction. It does not include generating the force, it is merely a positioning phenomenon, positioning with accuracy is the correct definition of the backswing. This is the process that demands most of the practice of a golf player. He can never get right at the successive steps if he fails at this primary and potential step.

Arms are not moved during hitting, the movement at the club is produced by rotating the trunk. The movement is just on the shoulder joint and the hip joint. The arms should be stable and should not move vigorously to generate the force.

Maintaining the tempo is essential to save multiple strokes over the round. For longer distances it is natural that you want to insert great force. This will not do the work. Just position correctly and hit the sweet spot with shear force. The target will not be lost. Basics have to be right.

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