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Among the clubs in a golf set, the driver is the longest one. Also, it also has the least amount of loft, causing it to have a slicing effect on your hit. This article will discuss the usual errors of players and give some golf driving tips.

Before actually going into what it takes for you to have a winning golf swing, let us first analyze the mistakes and the incorrect driving habits.

One of the most common errors in driving is the method of teeing. Usually, the ball is teed up too low. This error has been more apparent today because of the size of the new driver heads. To be safe, always try to tee the ball up.

Another common error is the positioning of the hands on the driver. Oftentimes, players put their hands too close to their body that it limits their swing and follow through. The farther away your clubhead is from your body, the faster it can travel. This proper positioning will allow you to produce more power for your drive.

A number of players also have the tendency to lift their front foot whenever they do their backswing. This error forces the body to put the weight on the wrong side. When this happens, the shot becomes clanked. To correct this, have a mental note of planting your front foot on the ground. This will allow you to have the correct hip and shoulder turn and get you into the coil position. However, keep in mind that you should also transfer your weight to the back side. By doing this swing correctly, you will surely have a powerful shot.

Aside from watching out for the mentioned usual errors, you also have to take note of the position of the ball. Having the right position gives you the advantage to generate more power. If the ball is too far, whether it may be forward or back in your stance, your swing will be limited and will most probably hit on a downswing. It would be impossible for you to hit a good drive. As a rule of thumb, a good position would be somewhere in between the width of the front foot.

Nevertheless, whatever the circumstance may be, always try to tee off on a positive note. If you do not believe in your capacity to hit an excellent drive, then things might just unfortunately, end up that way.

The following are some of the golf driving tips known to have worked for most of the players and in most occasions:

• It is important to have the driver appropriate for a certain kind of swing. Know that not all expensive drivers can be the best.
• Make sure you tee the ball at a level high enough to hit it on an upswing. The newer clubs tend to have higher sweet spots compared to the older clubs.
• Position and plant your body on the ground so that it will turn just at the right amount when you swing. Also, feel free to explore and experiment because what works for some may not work for you.
• Get a feel of the routine. Sometimes, we have the tendency to hit as much shots while on the range and forget that it is also important to establish a routine. Once you have mastered a routine, you will surely notice an improvement on your swing.
• When away from the driving range or the course, try to work your core muscles out, especially ones in the tummy area. This will help you swing better and it will make you hit the ball at a much greater distance. It will also reduce the pains you get on your lower back.


Improve your Game, Visit Simple Golf Swing.