Improve your Game, Visit Simple Golf Swing.

Golf is a sport enjoyed by a number of people in different ages, countries, genders, etc. A lot of people can give it a try and learn the game but not all of them can be really good at it. Golf requires immense focus and accuracy. It also involves a lot of practice and training. Although its nature is to simply get the ball inside a hole, there are still numerous factors to consider and techniques to learn. If you are a beginner, it is best to learn the golf swing basics first so you can start the sport the right way.

One of the basic elements of the sport is the grip. Know that while it is an important part of golf, it will not make or break you entire game. Nevertheless, it is still good to have the knowledge on it. There are three kinds of grips—overlapping, ten finger and interlocking. There is not such thing as the best or perfect grip. It actually all depends on you. For starters, try to experiment with the different grips and stick with the one that works well for you.

The second swing basic we will discuss is the stance. The stance is a crucial part of getting the perfect swing. It is something that you must really master to be able to excel in the sport. The way you position the ball depends on the club you will be using. Bend your body a little bit to the front. Make sure your arms hang down and that you are not holding them out. Divide your weight equally among your two feet. Also, bend your knees slightly toward the ball.

The third important part of the golf swing basics is the backswing. A lot of people find this element challenging because it is hard to find the balance. In this type of swing, a smooth movement must be followed and keeping the body balanced is a must. Weight must be equally distributed between the right and left leg, as well as the front and back area of the feet.

The downswing is also an important element in golf. It is actually in this type of drive that the grip, stance and backswing come together. When they fall into place, there is a higher chance that the ball will be hit accurately and with the right amount of power. Any player should be informed that a properly hit ball can end up more accurate than a ball hit with power and force. As much as possible, try not to focus too much on hitting the ball as hard as you can because power can just come from hitting the ball correctly. A great downswing usually relies on the proper distribution of weight. Try to place the heel back on the ground and put your knees and hips forward. This will leave the upper part of your body where it was. Twist your body towards the position of the ball. Rotating faster can give you greater power. It will not matter if you swing your arms faster because the power will come from the rotation.

Another important element in the sport is follow through. Follow through happens after hitting the ball so it will not really affect the journey of the ball. However, when a follow through is not balanced and smooth enough, your swing can have the adverse effect. Your weight can end up in the wrong part of the body. On the other hand, when a swing is flawless and maintained a follow through, you will end up standing with a balance. You will feel the club wrap around your body.


Improve your Game, Visit Simple Golf Swing.