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Before going into any golf lessons or games, make sure you have a good set of golf clubs. It is important that you have a set that actually fits you and works for you. The length and weight of the clubs must suit your build so that all you have to worry about is perfecting the swing.

The golf downswing is one of the critical points in the sport. It is one of the most difficult areas of the sport because it is somewhat indefinable and hard to picture out. No wonder most of a player’s errors come from this part of the drive. They say it is also the peak of frustration and disappointment because you can do everything perfectly prior to the swing. If your downswing is poor, everything you have prepared for will just fall apart. Statistics show that the swing ruins the entire shot 95% of the time.

One of the biggest and gravest mistakes during a swing is when the weight is not moved laterally when the hips twists or spins. When we do this, we are forced to hit the ball too early and it makes us hit from the outside in. The consequences are poor distance and direction. Instead of sending the ball 220 yards away, we might end up reducing it to a 190. Also, the shot will usually be hooked or sliced. You will end up having a weak and sloppy shot all because of an erroneous swing.

There are several reasons why we are tempted to do poorly in a swing. They are the following:
1. It is a lot easier to hit with the arms. Most of us have the mental notion that when we hit something really hard, it will also go farther. However, this is actually wrong.
2. When we watch professional golfers, we are always deceived by their easygoing swing that allows them to actually send the ball miles away. We immediately get the inkling that they have hit the ball really hard. However, the secret is that the excellent golfers minimize the speed of the rotation of their upper body. As much as possible, they move their core very slowly. Their power really comes from the whipping action of the club. Thus, the power does not really come from the arms. It comes from the graceful twist of the body, which in turn manifests in the powerful swing of the club. You might doubt how a seemingly powerless body twist can produce a powerful shot. The explanation for this is that:
a. The power actually comes from the whipping motion of the club.
b. When your wrists are loose, the club can whip faster.
c. The only reason why the arms look like they are doing the trick is because they are connected to the body.
3. Because you might have been doing the swing wrong ever since you started, you might not know how a correct swing really feels like. Try to do the tips we have mentioned and notice the difference in the parts of the body that work and the quality of the swing.

A good swing must produce a powerful shot. Aside from the arm issues discussed earlier, it is also important the shoulders be in a square position.

A golf downswing is really one of the most crucial movements in the game. The pre-downswing preparations actually do not matter. The important thing is that you do your golf downswing right because no matter how much time you spend on fixing your form, stance, grip, etc., if your downswing is bad, your shot is bad.



Improve your Game, Visit Simple Golf Swing.