Improve your Game, Visit Simple Golf Swing.

If you are looking for a way to improve your swing, you should consider mastering the art of slow motion golf swing. It is actually one of the most common tips coaches can give to help you perform better in the range. A typical golf swing only takes less than a second to perform. So you really won’t be able to point out the things you did wrong. By doing this exercise, you are giving your swing more time and emphasis. When you do things at a slower pace, you have the ability to take note of the proper form, stance, timing, placement, etc. This will help ensure that you hit the ball well and land it in the proper place. More so, y4ou get to set up your shot in the best angle.

A swing comprises of a backswing, an angle and a downswing. If you move too fast, the tendency is too prematurely prepare for the elements of the swing. However, if you do it in slow motion, you will be forced to do everything in the right position and to execute properly, even up to the last second. This exercise also helps a lot of players to discover and get used to the tempo that works for them. Because they are not in a hurry, they can calculate every aspect of the swing. They get to determine the amount of force they should put in to get the ball to their desired distance. More importantly, they get to feel the swing even more when it is in a slower pace. Eventually, they also get to perfect their accuracy level. So whenever you swing your club and you do not really “feel” it, you would know that there is something wrong with it. With enough practice, you get to memorize what works for you. You automatically get a light bulb moment in your head whenever your swing is of poor quality.

The method is tried and tested. Even professional golfers, such as Tiger Woods, are able to hit the ball to a very long distance without having to exert major effort because of their training in slow motion golf swing. A lot of casual golfers have found the drill useful. They have noticed significant changes in their swing because of the drill.

One player shares his experience with it. He was really looking for a way to increase the speed of his club so he can also add distance to the ball’s journey. He knew there was something wrong with his wrist movements so he decided to take things slower and really concentrate on the drive. He performed a slow motion golf swing and watched every movement of his hands and wrist. By doing things in slow motion and by repeating it over and over again, he eventually found out where his errors were. After about an hour, he already noticed the increase in the distance of his drive. He admits that he would not have any way of finding out where his mistakes were if he went on hitting the ball at a fast motion.

Other players also found it useful to record a couple of their slow-mo swings. After recording, they review the videos to see where the problems where. You can even show your videos to the trainers and other players to help you scrutinize your swing and give you constructive criticisms.

So, if you really want to excel in golf, do not hesitate to consider this practice method. The best thing about this drill is that it can also be used in other sports. Games like tennis, cricket and even fighting sports can benefit from doing things a little bit slower and wiser.



Improve your Game, Visit Simple Golf Swing.